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Karen Gillock, PhD

Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry


Selected Publications:


Sensitivity and specificity of the Distress Thermometer for depression in newly diagnosed breast cancer patients.
Hegel MT, Collins ED, Kearing S, Gillock KL, Moore CP, Ahles TA
Psychooncology. 2008 Jun;17(6):556-60.
PMID: 17957755

Distress, psychiatric syndromes, and impairment of function in women with newly diagnosed breast cancer.
Hegel MT, Moore CP, Collins ED, Kearing S, Gillock KL, Riggs RL, Clay KF, Ahles TA
Cancer. 2006 Dec 15;107(12):2924-31.
PMID: 17103381

Exposure utilization and completion of cognitive behavioral therapy for PTSD in a "real world" clinical practice.
Zayfert C, Deviva JC, Becker CB, Pike JL, Gillock KL, Hayes SA
J Trauma Stress. 2005 Dec;18(6):637-45.
PMID: 16382429

Posttraumatic stress disorder in primary care: prevalence and relationships with physical symptoms and medical utilization.
Gillock KL, Zayfert C, Hegel MT, Ferguson RJ
Gen Hosp Psychiatry. 2005 Nov-Dec;27(6):392-9.
PMID: 16271653

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