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G. Christian Jernstedt, PhD

Emeritus Adjunct Professor of Community and Family Medicine

Community and Family Medicine

Carnegie Mellon University, B.S. 1963
Johns Hopkins, Ph.D. 1967.


Contact Information

Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences
HB 6207
Hanover NH 03755

Office: 267 Moore Hall, Hanover, NH
Phone: 603-646-2778

Assistant: Center for Educational Outcomes
Asst. Phone: 603-646-3904
Asst. Email:

Professional Interests

Learning, Evaluation Research: Research directed towards understanding the cognitive, behavioral, and affective precursors, concomitants, and outcomes of learning experiences, including: (1) long-term adult behavior change, (2) effective evaluative feedback at the individual and institutional level, (3) technologically enhanced learning, (4) formal classroom learning, and (5) experiential learning.

Grant Information

Maternal and Child Health, National Science Foundation, private foundations

Courses Taught

PBS 22: Learning
PBS 82: Cognitive and Behavioral Learning Science
PBS 111 (Graduate): Teaching, Learning, and the Brain

Selected Publications


  • Sateia, M. J., Reed, V. A., & Jernstedt, G. C. The Dartmouth Sleep Knowledge and Attitude Survey: Development and validation. (2005) Sleep Medicine. 6: 47-54.

  • Reed, V. A., Jernstedt, G. C., Ballow, M., Bush, R. K., Gewurz, A. T., & McGeady, S. Developing resources to teach and assess the core competencies: A collaborative approach. (2004) Academic Medicine. 79: 1062-1066.

  • Syat, B. L., Reed, V. A., Jernstedt, G. C., & McCormick, T. R. Gender differences in the development of medical students' attitudes and values over time. (2004) Annals of Behavioral Science and Medical Education. 10(1), 6-14.

  • Reed, V. A. & Jernstedt, G. C. A tool for the assessment of communication skills. (2004) Academic Exchange Quarterly, 8(3): 106-110.

  • Shrank, W., Reed, V. A., & Jernstedt, G. C. Fostering professionalism in medical education: A call for improved assessment and meaningful incentives. (2004) Journal of General Internal Medicine. 19(8), 887-892.