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Virginia A. Reed, PhD

Emeritus Associate Professor of Community and Family Medicine

Community and Family Medicine

Dartmouth College, MPH 2011
Dartmouth College, PhD 1997
University of Minnesota, MSN 1976
University of Iowa, BSN 1970


Contact Information

Dartmouth Medical School
HB 7250
Lebanon NH 03766

Phone: 802-331-1441

Assistant: Sandi Cragin

Courses Taught

Co-Director of Health, Society, & the Physician

Selected Publications


  • Reed, VA, Jernstedt, GC, & Reber, ES Understanding and improving medical student specialty choice: a synthesis of the literature using decision theory as a referent. Teaching & Learning in Medicine. 2001 Spring;13(2):117-29. Review.

  • Reed, VA, Jernstedt, GC, Ballow, M, Bush, RK, Gewurz, AT, & McGeady, S. Reducing the burden of implementing new requirements : A collaborative approach to the development of resources for teaching and assessing the core competencies. Academic Medicine. 2004 79: 1062-1066.

  • Shrank, WH, Reed, VA, & Jernstedt, GC. Fostering professionalism in medical education: A call for improved assessment and meaningful incentives. Journal of General Internal Medicine. 2004 19(8): 887-892.

  • Schifferdecker, KE & Reed, VA Using mixed methods in medical education: Basic guidelines for researchers. Medical Education. 2009 43:637-644

  • Reed, VA Shift work, light at night, and the risk of breast cancer: A guide to administrative action for healthcare institutions. AAOHN Journal. 2011 59(1):37-45.