Linda Titus

Active Emeritus Professor of Epidemiology
Active Emeritus Professor of Pediatrics
Active Emeritus Professor of The Dartmouth Institute

Yale University School of Medicine, PhD 1989
Connecticut College, MA 1983

Phone: 603-653-3696


Professional Interests: Professor Titus is the Associate Director of the Hood Center for Children and Families. Her research focuses on two intersecting areas: 1) cancer etiology, with a special interest in melanoma and women's cancers, and 2) the impact of prenatal and early life exposures on adult health outcomes, including cancer. Specific areas of study include the intergenerational transmission of epigenetic alterations related to adult health outcomes. Dr. Titus is a Principal Investigator of the National Cancer Institute's DES (Diethylstilbestrol) Combined Cohort Follow-up Study, which assesses the impact of this prenatal exposure on adult health outcomes, including cancer, and leads the NCI-sponsored multi-center study of DES outcomes in the children of women who were exposed prenatally to this drug. She works closely with Dr. Madeline Dalton on studies of childhood obesity and collaborates with Dr. Joann Elmore on a study aimed at improving the diagnosis of melanocytic lesions.

Institutional & Center Affiliations:
Norris Cotton Cancer Center, Cancer Epidemiology and Chemoprevention Research Program
The Hood Center for Children and Families

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