New Directions 216: On Doctoring - Year 2
Nan Cochran and Roshini Pinto Powell, MD

On Doctoring in Year two builds on the skills developed during the first year with the addition of orals presentations.


A. Patient Interviewing:

  1. Understand the functions and structure of the medical interview.
  2. Begin to elicit the information necessary to diagnose and manage the patient's biomedical and psychosocial problems.

B. Physical Diagnosis:

  1. Perform a basic physical exam.
  2. Write-ups and Presentations - begin to organize, integrate and present clinical data in a clear, concise manner.

C. Doctor-Patient Relationship

  1. Learn how to establish effective doctor-patient relationships by using appropriate interpersonal communication skills.
  2. Understand your own personal values and attitudes and the influence of these on your relationships with patients.
  3. Begin to develop effective relationships, communication and problem-solving with other health care professionals.
  4. Understand professional and ethical conduct as a health care provider.

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