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DICE Office Policy for Student Membership and Conference Funding

Who is included in this policy?

This policy refers to underrepresented minority students in medicine (URM), to be described in the Geisel School of Medicine URM definition.

For the purpose of affinity group membership and diversity related conference funding, URM is defined as anyone who feels they are disadvantaged. If you truly feel you need the financial support of the DICE office to attend a diversity-related conference, we encourage you to submit a request for funding form. Students can submit a request for funding by writing a statement of why they consider themselves disadvantaged on the request for funding form to receive conference funding up to $500; one time during their first and second years and one time during their third and fourth years. Students need to submit membership and conference travel requests at least 30 days prior to travel.

Membership Funding

URM students (starting Class of 2023) will be funded for a 4-year membership with a national medical student organization associated with their URM status.

Conference Funding

URM students (starting Class of 2023) can apply for conference funding of $500 during their preclinical (M1/M2) years and $500 during their clinical (M3/M4) years.

  • Students will be expected to obtain advance approval for conference time by Pre-Clinical or Clinical Education Office. (Please note that the Pre-Clinical Office expects 15 days advance notice.)
  • As representatives of Geisel and the DICE Office, students are required to abide by Geisel’s Student Honor Code during their travel and conference time.

Funding Requests:

  • In order to receive reimbursement students must submit request for funding within 30 days of event conclusion.
  • Funding will be provided to the student once they show record of conference registration and travel.
  • Requests for funding will be reviewed within 2 weeks of submission.
  • Allow for up to 30 days to disburse funding.
  • Approvals will be prioritized based on class (with prioritization of M2s in the pre-clinical years and M4s in the clinical years) and on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • Requests for funding may be declined when the funding requests (in total) exceed $25,000 of the DICE academic year budget.
  • If traveling by land, students are required to follow the Dartmouth College Driver Policy.
  • Tickets may be booked through the Dartmouth College travel booking site ( but will incur a service fee (~$35/booking). This will allow students to book flights without having to prepay the charge out of pocket.

Download a PDF version of this policy here: DICE Office Policy for Student Conference Funding.

Submit Request for Conference Travel Funding

Please submit your request through the DICE Office Request for Student Conference Travel Funding Form.