Medical Education Committee (MEC)

The MEC shall be responsible for defining and revising the goals, objectives, structure and content of the undergraduate medical curriculum. The roles, responsibilities and membership of the committee are set forth in the Medical Education Committee Charge.

Faculty Voting Members

Candice Black, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
Maureen Boardman, Family Medicine
Mary Chamberlain, Medicine
Sarah Crockett, Emergency Medicine
Kiran Guthikonda, Anesthesiology
Paul Hanissian, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Alan Hartford, Medicine
Marc Hofley, Pediatrics
Barbara Homeier, Pediatrics
Leah Matthew, Family Medicine
Larry Myers, Medical Education
Vin Pelligrini, Orthopaedics
James Saunders, Surgery
Meredith Sorensen, MEC Chair, Surgery
Rebecca Thompson, Neurology

Student Voting Members (1 vote per class/program)

Kevin Li, 2026
Mariread Pfaff, 2026
Kelsey Plona, 2026
Justin Fong, 2025
Marci Gil Diaz, 2025
Tamar Maosulishvili, 2025
Helen Thomason, 2025
Briggs Carhart, 2024
Emma Fitzsimmons, 2024
Christopher Thomson, 2024
Jane Xu, 2024
Sarah Banerji, 2023
Amal Cheema, 2023
Meg Hanley, 2023
Linda Morris, 2023
Francesco Emiliani, MD/PhD Candidate
Abigail Keim, MD/PhD Candidate
Timothy Reiner, MD/PhD Candidate
Ronnie Zipkin, MD/PhD Candidate

Non-Voting Members

Amanda Albright, Manager, Instructional Designer & Technology
Nancy Barbour, Director, Evaluation and Assessment
Nicole Borges, Chair, Department of Medical Education
Sonia Chimienti, Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education
Justine Cameron, Director, Accreditation
John Dick III, Associate Dean for Clinical Education
Terri Eastman, Director, Preclinical Education
William Eidtson, Director, Student Academic Success and Accessibility
Jennifer Fountain, Specialist, Assessment and Curriculum Inventory
Alison Holmes, Associate Dean for Student Affairs
Mikki Jaeger, Registrar
Stephanie Kerns, Associate Dean for Health Science and Biomedical Libraries
Virginia Lyons, Associate Dean for Preclinical Education
Steve McAllister, Director, Educational Technology
Lisa McBride, Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion
David Mullins, Chair, Geisel Academy of Master Educators
Roshini Pinto-Powell, Associate Dean for Admissions
Brian Reid, Associate Director, Educational Technology
Alison Ricker, Director, Clinical Education
Amy Rose, Program Manager UME
Susan Shaker, Manager, Preclinical Education
Paul Weissburg, Associate Dean for Assessment, Quality and Accreditation

Student Non-Voting Members

Isabelle Tersio, Student Representatives, Diversity and Inclusion & Community Engagement (DICE)