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Striving for Equity in Access to and Use of Specialty Care

The Center for Health Equity has domestic and global health equity leaders providing it technical guidance and strategic direction. The Center’s board chair, Dr. Patrica Doykos DC ’86, who is currently the Director of the Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation, is an important voice and advocate on the national stage for improving access to care among traditionally underserved populations in the US and abroad. Read her latest commentary entitled "Striving for Equity in Access to and Use Of Specialty Care” in which she highlights how it will take more than increased funding and promotes creating a health equity mindset to bring about the sector-wide changes needed to address this complex and compelling issue.

Read Dr. Doykos' commentary at the Health Affairs Blog.

About Dr. Patricia Doykos:

Patricia Mae Doykos is director of the Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation whose mission is to promote health equity and improve the health outcomes of populations disproportionately affected by serious diseases and conditions. Patricia works on health strategy and evaluation for the Foundation overall and leads the flagship philanthropic program, Together on Diabetes®: Communities Uniting to Meet America’s Diabetes Challenge. This program was launched in November 2010 and has provided over $53 million in funding to 26 grantees working in over 60 communities across the country to advance health equity for adults living with type 2 diabetes by strengthening patient self-management education, community-based supportive services and broad-based community organizing and mobilization. Patricia joined the Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation in 2002 after working for 5 years on the business side at Bristol-Myers Squibb in International Corporate Affairs. In addition to the Together on Diabetes program, she has developed and led U.S. and international grant making and partnership programs for women’s health, global HIV/AIDS, cancer and serious mental illnesses. Outside of her work at Bristol-Myers Squib, Patricia serves on the advisory board for a few health and research organizations. Patricia received her BA as a double major in Government and German Studies from Dartmouth College, MA in German Language & Literature from the University of Virginia and PhD in German Studies and Cultural Studies from New York University.