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Transform Healthcare

Amber Barnato, MD, MPH, MS—the inaugural Susan J. and Richard M. Levy 1960 Distinguished Professor in Health Care Delivery—mentors students and studies end-of-life care and decision-making.

We will lead the discovery, evaluation, and dissemination of healthcare solutions that address the urgent problems of spiraling costs, inconsistent quality, and inequity. We will accelerate the creation of high-performing systems of care in which patients’ values and goals guide decisions. Through our educational programs, our impact will be exponential—as we inspire physicians, nurses, business leaders, and policy makers to lead the change that’s needed in healthcare.

New philanthropic support totaling $50 million for The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice will catalyze innovation, expand access to our educational programs, and enable greater advocacy and policy work to transform healthcare.

The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice  |  Goal: $50 million

The Dartmouth Institute seeks targeted philanthropic investments to achieve the following:

  • Transform the relationship between patients and their care team by empowering patients and clinicians with unbiased, evidence-based information and the tools to partner with each other to achieve better health outcomes aligned with patients’ values, preferences, and goals. ($10 million)
  • Accelerate the creation of high-performing health systems by developing, testing, and evaluating innovations in healthcare delivery; promoting the widespread adoption of the best, evidence-based solutions; and building the preeminent healthcare data analytic center in the U.S., accessible to researchers worldwide and devoted to the public good. ($15 million)
  • Fuel high-risk, high-reward research through an innovation fund, fellowships for early career academics, visiting scholars, and endowed faculty support. ($10 million)
  • Train current and future leaders to create a network of effective and influential change agents—including C-suite executives, practicing physicians and nurses, researchers, politicians, and patient advocates. They will lead transformative and disruptive change in healthcare systems. ($10 million)
  • Inform medical practice and public policy and advocate for wise, evidenced-based decisions that enable and promote the health of all individuals, communities, and populations. ($5 million)

Together, with your support, we will transform health systems and patients’ lives.

Provides funds for all aspects of student programs, research, and other support for students and faculty.

Provides scholarships for students with demonstrated need.