Children’s Environmental Health and Disease Prevention

The Children’s Environmental Health and Disease Prevention Research Center, a federally designated research group, investigates and tracks the developmental and long-term health impacts of exposures to common environmental contaminants during pregnancy and childhood. The Center has been at the forefront of educating the public on the dangers of arsenic in drinking water and rice products, including baby food.

Go Deeper: Vision and Goals for the Children’s Environmental Health and Disease Prevention Research Center.

From left to right: Dartmouth undergraduate Stephanie Rivera-Ithier D '21 and Geisel medical student Rajiv Raghavan D '13, Thayer '14, MED '18 learn in the lab with Margaret Karagas, PhD, chair of epidemiology and the James W. Squires Professor, and Brock Christensen, PhD, associate professor of epidemiology.

Stopping Diseases Before They Start

Numerous serious afflictions that strike us in adulthood—such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and immune system disorders—have roots that stretch back to childhood. These roots are anchored in genetics and fed by the environment. But how do genetics and environment combine to impact health? And exactly how early do environmental exposures begin to affect lifelong well-being?

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