Almost all Geisel students graduate with medical school debt—on average about $176,000, but often more. Although that’s lower than the national average, it can be overwhelming for someone who still has many years of training ahead, especially those planning to work in underserved communities. That’s why every bit of scholarship support can make a dramatic difference for students now and in the future.

A robust scholarship endowment will enable Geisel to attract the best students regardless of their ability to pay and to build diverse classes each year, enriching the educational experience for all.

Goal: $20 million

TlalliAztlan Moya-Smith ’20.

Tlalli Moya-Smith ’20:
Preparing for a Career of Service

For TlalliAztlan “Tlalli” Moya-Smith, a confluence of personal interests and passions, all rooted in her family history, has made Geisel a perfect fit.

“My grandfather was a bracero, or farm worker,” she explains. “And my father and mother actually met doing farm worker aid in Texas.” Growing up in a Mexican-American family with parents committed to improving the lives of others, Moya-Smith knew she too wanted to pursue a career of service to people in need. But she also loved science.
“Medicine just combined all of that into one,” says Moya-Smith, who will be the first physician in her family. She’d seen the effects of rural poverty on the health of people in Latino communities. “I found out that Geisel had these really great programs for rural communities, and I knew I wanted to be a part of that.”

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