Center for Health Equity 

New philanthropic support for the Center for Health Equity will strengthen opportunities for students and faculty to work closely with underserved communities in this country and abroad and provide a foundation for greater cross-campus collaboration on global health initiatives. Such investments will also seed the development of a partner learning network to share innovations that address emerging and persistent challenges in global health and stimulate new research aimed at increasing access to high-quality healthcare and overall better health.

Goal: $10 million

Geisel medical student Prajesh Gongal ’21 (right) shares health information with a member of the Bhutanese and Nepali community of greater Manchester, New Hampshire—as part of a joint program between Geisel’s Center for Health Equity and the Maintaining Independence Adult Day Services.

Partnership, Reciprocity, and Impact

“We’re focused on building long-lasting relationships with medically underserved communities in this country and abroad,” explains Lisa V. Adams, MD, director of the Center for Health Equity, associate dean for global health at Geisel, and director of global initiatives for Dartmouth College. “We often have as much to learn from our partners as they do from us. That’s why they co-lead all of our initiatives, whether that be direct patient care, education and training, quality improvement work, or clinical research.”

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