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Educate Complete Physicians

We will train compassionate physicians who possess outstanding clinical skills, a deep understanding of the scientific basis of health and disease, and proficiency in delivering care within complex social and economic environments. Geisel-educated physicians will be distinguished by their ability to improve the systems in which they work and by their commitment to the needs of individuals and communities they serve.

Dartmouth Medical students lead a STEM program for high school students from under-resourced communities in the Upper Valley. But the program is about so much more than science, technology, engineering, and math, as Sha Ali’ 21 explains in this video.

You can support students like Sha Ali ’21 and the programming that helps them become exceptional physicians by making a gift to the Fund for Geisel or Scholarships.

Read more about the Upper Valley STEM program.

Educate Complete Physicians: Campaign Priorities

New philanthropic support totaling $45 million will promote continuous innovation in medical education, enhance the informal curriculum, and increase scholarships for students.

“Diversity, curiosity, and an open exchange of ideas enrich our close-knit community at Geisel and are core to our educational process. The teamwork our students learn here prepares them for success in a variety of healthcare systems.”

—Greg Ogrinc, MD, MS, Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education