Educate Complete Physicians

Learning in a Community Clinic

When students arrive at Geisel, they dive right into their clinical training with a two-year On Doctoring course. Through hands-on experience and close collaboration with faculty mentors, students learn the fundamental skills required to develop into highly competent and compassionate physicians. Read full story here.

Cooking for Life

Geisel students Britney Petrina ’22, Landis Walsh ’22, and Leslie Yuen ’22 are encouraging healthy habits one recipe at a time. They’re leading a monthly Cooking for Life class at Dartmouth-Hitchcock’s Aging Resource Center to educate seniors through interactive culinary demonstrations. Read full story here.

House Calls Make a Comeback

As former emergency medical technicians in rural communities, Nick Valentini ’20 (D’13) and Karissa LeClair ’21 arrived at Geisel with insights into the challenges of meeting the health care needs of rural populations. They used their knowledge to develop and launch a community paramedicine project. Read full story here.

Making Connections Through STEM

Shuaibu “Sha” Ali ’21 and Kenny Williams ’21 share a passion for medicine and a vision of a more equitable world. They also share a deep appreciation for the mentors who helped them believe that they, two men of color, could have the same opportunities as everyone else—including careers as […]

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Sending Good Into the World

Peter “Shep” Brock followed in the footsteps of his parents and grandparents—loyal donors to the Dartmouth medical community since 1947—by establishing the Peter R. Brock Leadership Scholars Endowment Fund in loving memory of his father, Peter. Read full story here.

Q&A with Lisa Adams

  “We must be more than do-gooders: we have to thoughtfully engage with communities in an intentional way to have meaningful impact. Otherwise we risk replicating the very inequities we seek to mitigate.” Q. DARTMOUTH RECENTLY ANNOUNCED THE ESTABLISHMENT OF ITS NEW CENTER FOR GLOBAL HEALTH EQUITY, WHICH UNITES GEISEL’S […]

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Check Your Privilege at the Border

Lisa V. Adams, MD, Director of the Center for Global Health Equity After 10 years of working in global health, Adams learned firsthand how easy it is for U.S. partners to inadvertently steamroll a global partnership and jeopardize an entire project. Adams explains in this TEDx Talk what’s at risk […]

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STEM, Stereotypes, and Role Models

Dartmouth Medical students lead a STEM program for high school students from under-resourced communities in the Upper Valley. But the program is about so much more than science, technology, engineering, and math, as Sha Ali’ 21 explains in this video. You can support students like Sha Ali ’21 and the […]

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