Human Anatomy and Embryology

DC course designation:
ANAT 111 (term 1); ANAT 112 (term 2)

Course description:
The aim of this course is to help students acquire the basic anatomical background they will need to function as physicians, and to acquire facility with the anatomical terms used in discussions among medical professionals. During this dissection-based course, students learn the structure of the human body and how it relates to normal function. Three-dimensional relationships are emphasized with medical images such as CT scans and MRI images.

Course director: Virginia T. Lyons, Ph.D.

Course faculty:
Brian Catlin, M.D.
Arnold S. Fabricant, M.D.
Virginia T. Lyons, Ph.D.
Nancy J. McNulty, M.D.
Rand S. Swenson, M.D., Ph.D.
Norman Snow, MD
Georgina Voegele, Ph.D.

Course Resources

The M.D. Program, Year 1