The "Away and Non-Established Elective and Sub-Internship" Rotation

Students taking an away elective or sub-internship must complete two applications: 1) for the away site; and 2) for the Geisel School of Medicine. The application and requirements for away sites are usually found on their websites and/or on VSLO. Allow yourself ample time to assemble the necessary information required by the away site, and to complete the required Geisel School of Medicine Non-Established Elective / Sub-I Application

Examples of types of information you may be required to submit to an away program are:

Proof of immunizations: Available only by appointment from Dick's House or from your other Health care provider.

Proof of Malpractice liability coverage: Available from the Geisel School Registrar.

Proof of Passing grade in Step 1: The Registrar may state that according to our records you have passed the exam. If the site requires a copy of your examination score, you must provide the copy; the Office of the Registrar does not have copies of your scores and may not document them for you. The scores are considered to be the property of the NBME and we may not transmit this information to a third party.

The dates of the away rotation are crucial to your application. The dates you submit to the Geisel School must match the dates you are approved for at the away site and they must be the exact dates that you spend at the away site. As a scenario, please consider the following. You are approved to take an elective through Harvard Medical School from May 2 until May 30. You are offered a more desirable time frame by someone outside the Harvard Medical School's Registrar's office, possibly even the faculty sponsor. Unless this change is approved by the HMS Registrar and immediately communicated to the Geisel School Registrar you are not authorized to make this change. Failure to accurately convey information regarding your away elective rotation to the official documenting offices at either the Geisel School or the away site will result in a disciplinary action and potential loss of the credits for the away rotation.

Please contact the Geisel Registrar’s Office if you have any questions.

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