Medical Science Growth Program (MSGP)

To ensure continued success throughout a student’s medical school experience, the Office of Learning Support and Accessibility Services will serve as a support system for students struggling academically throughout the Phase I curriculum with the implementation of the Medical Science Growth Program (MSGP). The MSGP will identify students in need of additional academic support and work to jointly developing strategies and plans for future success.

Qualifiers for MSGP:

  • Students who perform at or below 2 standard deviations from the mean on 2 exams within a course
  • Students who fail a course
  • Or at the recommendation of the Preclinical Education Dean

Outline of MSGP Procedures:

  • The office of Evaluation and Assessment will track students who fall in the categories detailed above.
  • For students who qualify for the program, names will be forwarded to the Director of Learning Support and Accessibility Services as well as the Preclinical Education Dean.
  • The Preclinical Education Dean will contact the student to notify them that they will be required to participate in the MSGP and provide a formal introduction to the Office of Learning Support and Accessibility Services.
  • Students will have an initial meeting to help create a study strategy and plan for success.
  • A minimum of bi-weekly check-ins to monitor progress will be required (the Director of Learning Support and Accessibility Services may increase the number of check-ins if deemed necessary).
  • Once a student no longer performs at or below 2 SD from the mean through an entire block of assessment, the student will complete the program and no longer be required to check-in routinely. The student may of course continue to utilize services of the Learning Support office if desired.
  • Students who have previously been in the program may be required to return to the program if their subsequent performance warrants it.
  • For Additional Information Contact the Office of Learning Support

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