Housing & Real Estate

Where to Live

The towns surrounding Dartmouth offer a variety of housing options. In New Hampshire, students tend to focus on Hanover, Lebanon or West Lebanon. In Vermont, Wilder, Norwich, and White River Junction are popular communities for students. In general, Hanover and Norwich tend to be more expensive but closer options than the other towns.

Think carefully about where you choose to live during the first year. If you have never lived in New Hampshire, you will find that distance is deceiving. While mileage listed on the rental housing list may not seem far, the roads in the area generally have low speed limits and there is in fact traffic. A 15 mile commute from campus may translate into a 25-30 minute drive across 3 towns. When looking for housing, it is best to weigh the benefits of proximity and convenience against the increased cost. If you have questions about the commutable distances, feel free to ask current students or the Office of Student Affairs.

What to expect

Between the college and other graduate students at Dartmouth, affordable, convenient housing is at a premium. Usually rent decreases proportionally with distance from the Dartmouth campus in Hanover. Rents can range anywhere from $600 to $1200 per month depending on location. Finding a roommate to share this burden can be helpful.

Remember that utilities are also a hidden cost that many students from warmer climates may underestimate. Always check to see what is included in the rent. Finding a rental with the utilities included may save money. A poorly insulated apartment may translate into heating costs as much as a few hundred dollars in the winter months (November to March). In general it is best to avoid electrical heat. Gas or oil heat, though previously less expensive, is still probably the most affordable/convenient option.

How to find housing

Apartments on N. Park Street in Hanover (word) (pdf)

The most important resource for your housing search will be the Dartmouth Rental Housing Office located at 7 Lebanon St. Suite 301 in Hanover near Talbots. This office produces a computer listing every month of furnished and unfurnished houses, condos, townhouses, and apartments available in Hanover and surrounding towns. It is accessible if you call (603) 646-2170 to arrange a mailing, or on the Internet here.

Geisel Admissions Office: DMS, (603) 650-1505. Deana Stearns and Whitney Hatch in the admissions office will be helping incoming students to coordinate housing. They will know who is looking for roommates, as well as where students are generally happy living.

Dartmouth Housing: Sachem Village is Dartmouth's graduate student family housing. Priority is given to students with children, students with domestic partners, and single students in that order. There is a waiting list and high demand so if you are even considering this option call the Rental Housing Office immediately. Despite the military barracks appearance, Sachem offers spacious and affordable housing. In addition, students report that Sachem's greatest asset is its camaraderie. For non-student spouses, a great deal of support can be derived from the communal spirit. Single students who prefer to live alone without being lonely enjoy the proximity Sachem affords to fellow students and their families. The complex is 2 miles south of campus and monthly rates vary. For more information, visit the Dartmouth Real Estate Office.

Other Real Estate options: Some realtors in Hanover can be helpful in showing you houses, condominiums, or apartments for rent in the area around the college, but keep in mind that they are more inclined to sell. Still, it's a good way to get a sense of what's out there. (This listing is not an endorsement.)

Condominium Developments in the Area

Many of these developments have maintenence or sales offices yet the units are often privately owned. Your best bet is to monitor the Dartmouth listings, real estate agents, or the local paper (Valley News) as the owners will often list there.

Hanover (near town):

Wilder, Vermont (5-7 minute drive from campus):

Lebanon, NH: (Closer to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center on Rt. 120):

Used Furniture

Several second-hand shops carry old furniture and housewares. Allard's Furniture Finders (603-298-6800) in White River Junction is a haven for good quality, cheap used furniture seekers. Also, watch the bulletin boards in Hopkins Center near the mailboxes, in the medical school near the mailboxes, and at DHMC near the cafeteria for notices about furniture, skis, etc. for sale.

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