The Dermatones

Listen to songs by the Dermatones

What started as an idea among first years at the Geisel School of Medicine seeking a musical and creative outlet has become a sometimes serious, sometimes silly group of medical and graduate students who just love to sing, In the tall of 1993, the DERMATONES debuted in Gross Anatomy with "Only You," dedicated to their exhausted classmates and faithful faculty. Since then, the group has grown to 15-25 members (depending on exam schedules) who have progressed through weekly rehearsals and countless calls of "Hey, you guys, we're a big group," to this recording endeavor.

Each year the DERMATONES produce and perform a benefit concert, giving proceeds to local charities, such as the Good Neighbor Community Health Clinic, the Women's Information Service, and Good Beginnings. Other engagements include singing on the wards at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, in area nursing homes, and at Alumni and Trustee functions, As a member of the Geisel Community Service Committee (CSC), the DERMATONES are donating all profits to the CSC.

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