Diversity Resource Guide - Administrative Resources

Academic Skills Center

The Dartmouth College Academic Skills Center is for the entire College community. Although our primary goal is to assist students in becoming more efficient and effective learners, we are open to all who wish to improve their academic skills and ability to learn.

Website: http://www.dartmouth.edu/~acskills/
Email: ASC@dartmouth.edu
Phone: 646-2014
Location: 301 Collis Hall.

Bildner Endowment for Human and Inter-group Relations

The Allen and Joan Bildner Endowment for Human and Inter-group Relations promotes building a culture at Dartmouth in which human and inter-group relationships are respected, studied, and valued. The Endowment will provide support this year to programs and projects that facilitate and promote inter-group understanding. Through this funding the endowment works to reduce bigotry and discrimination, and to build an environment of mutual understanding and respect at Dartmouth. Past awards have ranged from a few hundred dollars for single events to over $10, 000 for major conferences and performance series. We look forward to proposals from faculty (Arts & Sciences, Thayer, Tuck, and Dartmouth Medical School), Dartmouth undergraduates, and Dartmouth administrators. Proposals are welcome from both individuals and organizations. Be creative and ambitious - the only requirement is that the proposal furthers the purpose of the Bildner Endowment. Proposals should be submitted to Carol Bushway via email or to 4 McNutt Hall, Hinman Box 6018.

Website: http://www.dartmouth.edu/~ide/support/bildner.html
Email: Carol.Bushway@dartmouth.edu
Phone: 646-0159
Location: Office of Student Life, 4 McNutt Hall.

College Chaplain's Office

The College Chaplain offers information, support, and counseling to people of all faiths.

Website: http://www.dartmouth.edu/~tucker/rsl/
Email: Religious.and.Spiritual.Life@dartmouth.edu
Phone: 603-646-3350
Location: S. Fairbanks Hall (behind Thayer Dining)

Dartmouth Global Health Initiative

The Dickey Center for International Understanding in collaboration with Dartmouth Medical School has established the Dartmouth Global Health Initiative, the aim of which is to create multidisciplinary, replicable programs in Global Health that can address the serious health concerns of the resource-limited settings and create opportunities for Dartmouth students, faculty and researchers to learn about and address these global health concerns. For further information, see the Dickey Center link below.

Website: http://dickey.dartmouth.edu/initiatives/ghi/
Email: DCGH@Dartmouth.edu
Phone: 646-2023
Location: 6048 Haldeman Center

Dartmouth International Health Group (DIHG)

DIHG is a student interest group dedicated to all facets of international health and international health issues. They sponsor numerous lectures and activities throughout the year, and have some funds available for international health conferences and health care opportunities.

Website: http://www.dartmouth.edu/~tucker/rsl/
Email: DIHG@Dartmouth.edu
Phone contact: 650-1755
Location: Dartmouth Medical School, Remsen Building

Dickey Center for International Understanding

The Dickey Center is Dartmouth's international crossroads, where diverse cultures, knowledge bases and experiences are brought together to advance international understanding. We strive to foster an educational, open dialogue on the vital international issues of the day, ensure that a rigorous understanding of the world is an essential part of the Dartmouth experience, and prepare students for lifetime engagement in world affairs.

Website: http://dickey.dartmouth.edu
Email: Dickey.Center@dartmouth.edu
Phone: 646-2023
Location: 6048 Haldeman Center

Gospel Choir

The Dartmouth College Gospel Choir is a dynamic and talented ensemble of students and community members dedicated to performing music of love, hope, faith and inspiration. Under the direction of Walter Cunningham, Jr., DCGC has received national and international acclaim with a mission to spread encouragement and joy through music. This diverse group surpasses genres and expectations wherever they go. In addition to singing, DCGC is committed to community outreach and philanthropy. The choir also collaborates with the Chicago-based choir One Accord. Walt Cunningham, Jr., Director.

Website: http://hop.dartmouth.edu/ensembles/dartmouth-college-gospel-choir
Email: Gospel.Choir@dartmouth.edu
Phone: (603) 646-2530
Location: Mondays, 7-9 pm, Wilson 219; Thursday, 8-10 pm, Faulkner Recital Hall.

Office for Learning and Disabilities Resources

Provides a full range of academic support services to medical students at Geisel, as well as access assistance and advising for Geisel students (and applicants) with disabilities. The director, Kalindi Trietley, MS, EdS, is the primary contact person for all student disability issues at the Medical School.

Website: http://geiselmed.dartmouth.edu/admin/olads/
Email: Kalindi.Trietley@Dartmouth.edu
Phone: 650- 6535
Location: 306E Remsen Building.

Office of Institutional Diversity & Equity (IDE)

The Office of Institutional Diversity & Equity is focused on supporting, assisting, and enhancing Dartmouth's commitment to learning and pluralism. We hope our planning and programs help to maintain and build an environment that accepts and welcomes difference. While race and sex figure prominently into our offices' understanding of diversity, we are also intere3sted in examining and fostering dialogue on other aspects of individual and social identity (e.g., age, class, disability, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, language, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, and veteran's status). We provide services and identity additional resources that allow for learning and discussion of these themes, We create and coordination a wide range of opportunities for all administrators, faculty, students, staff, and guests to obtain a greater appreciation and capacity to understand our complex community, the institution, and the people who work and learn on campus.

Website: http://www.dartmouth.edu/~ide/
Email: Institutional.Diversity.&.Equity@Dartmouth.edu
Phone: 646-3197
Location: 6018 McNutt Hall

Native American Program

The NAP works with American Indian, Native Alaskan and Native Hawaiian students on all areas of concern, academically, socially and culturally. The office also provides information to the campus community on events and issues affecting the Native American community.

Website: http://www.dartmouth.edu/~nap/
Email: Native.American.Program@dartmouth.edu
Phone: 646-2110
Location: 6037 Collis Center, Suite 205c.

Office of Asian and Asian-American Advising

As part of the Student Life Office, the Advisor provides personal guidance and academic advisement to student of Asian descent, so they can enhance their experiences in and outside of the classroom.

Website: http://www.dartmouth.edu/~asialife/
Email: Asian.American.Advising@Dartmouth.edu
Phone: 646-0123
Location: Collis Center, Suite 211D.

Office of Black Student Advising

Welcome to the Office of Black Student Advising!! We are dedicated to enhancing the Dartmouth experience through supporting and challenging the community around issues pertinent to the Black experience. We hope that you will find our office to be a great resource to you throughout your Dartmouth career.

Website: http://www.dartmouth.edu/~blackstu/
Email: Office.of.Black.Student.Advising@dartmouth.edu
Phone: 646-0988
Location: Collis Center, Suite 211F.

Office of Latino/a Student Advising

Dartmouth has a very vibrant Latino community that serves as a learning tool inside and outside the classroom. The Office of the Latino Advisor provides the student with personal counseling, academic advising, mentoring, programming, advocacy and consultation services.

Website: http://www.dartmouth.edu/~opal/latino/
Email: Hernandez-Siegel@Dartmouth.edu
Phone: 646-1102
Location: Collis Center. Suite 211E.

Office of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) Student Advising

What is it like to be LGBT at Dartmouth? Being lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender at Dartmouth means to be part of a diverse community in conversation: one that questions how we relate to and are a part of the entire Dartmouth community as well as how we relate to one another, and one that celebrates the generally open atmosphere here that allows us to enjoy full lives without compromise.

Website: http://www.dartmouth.edu/~opal/lgbtqa/
Email: GLBT.Programming@dartmouth.edu
Phone: 646-3635
Location: Robinson Hall, Room 204.

Office of Visa & Immigration Services (OVIS)

Formerly known as the International Office, our office is responsible for processing U.S. visa sponsorships, and offering immigration advice to international students, scholars, staff and faculty at Dartmouth College, and to all college offices, schools, and departments.

Website: http://www.dartmouth.edu/~ovis/
Email: Visa.and.Immigration.Services@dartmouth.edu
Phone: 646-3474
Location: 44 North College Street, Suite 6202.

Rassias Center for World Languages and Cultures

The Rassias Center (formerly Rassias Foundation) is committed to the effective instruction of language and culture. Our purpose is to share, to serve, to stimulate.

Website: http://www.dartmouth.edu/~rassias/
Email: Rassias.Foundation@dartmouth.edu
Phone: 646-2922
Location: 6071 Blunt Suite 315

Student Accessibility Services

Our vision is a time when Dartmouth College leads by example to foster a society that is fully and seamlessly inclusive of people with disabilities in all aspects of its environment and in the attitudes, behaviors, and endeavors of its people.

Website: http://www.dartmouth.edu/~accessibility/
Email: Student.Accessibility.Services@dartmouth.edu
Phone: 646-9900
Location: 6173 Collis Center, Suite 301

Tucker Foundation (Spiritual/Religious Resources)

The mission of the Tucker Foundation is to educate Dartmouth students to think and act as ethical leaders and responsible citizens in the global community through service, character development, and spiritual exploration. The Tucker Foundation provides a wide variety of service opportunities, from local programs to international service trips.

Website: http://www.dartmouth.edu/~tucker/
Email: Tucker.Foundation@dartmouth.edu
Phone: 646-3350
Location: South Fairbanks Hall.