Setting Up OneDrive Cloud Storage

Over the course of your educational experience at Geisel, you will accumulate a great deal of resources, class notes, videos, etc that you will likely want to keep for the purpose of reviewing for exams and as references for your clinical experiences. The iPad itself does not have enough storage to accommodate all of these files, but you can easily offload some of the files to the cloud via OneDrive.

OneDrive is a cloud storage solution available to Dartmouth students, Dartmouth staff, and Dartmouth-paid faculty. OneDrive allows users to easily store and share up to 1 terabyte of photos, videos, and documents. And the best part is that you can access these files anywhere, on any device. This includes integration with the iPad via various apps.

This document will outline the process for setting up your OneDrive account as well as some of the apps that interface with OneDrive.

For additional assistance, please contact or call 603-650-1600. You can also visit us in person in Vail 814.

Configure OneDrive from BWA

To set up your OneDrive account:

  1. On a Mac or PC open a browser and go to
    Note: This process cannot be accomplished via the iPad at this time.
  2. When prompted, enter your Dartmouth NetID and Password.
    Note: If you are uncertain of your Dartmouth NetID, use the NetID LookUp Tool at
  3. Once logged in, click the Office 365 app launcher at the top left of the page.cs1
  4. From the resulting list, select OneDrive.
  5. On the Welcome screen, click Next.cs2
  6. This will create your OneDrive.
    Your OneDrive @ Dartmouth College Documents area should open.

Navigating OneDrive in a Browser (Mac/PC)

Within OneDrive you will notice a few panels, tabs, and options.cs3

  1. The left navigation provides you with access to your documents based on specific characteristics
    • Recent
    • Shared with Me
    • Followed
    • Site Folders
    • Recycle Bin
  2. The center panel will change depending on which document area you are in. The My Documents area includes:
    • New (Create new folder/file)
    • Upload
    • Sync (used for various device connections)
    • Share (only available when an item is selected)
    • More
  3. The triple dots … next to files and folders provide contextual action menus.cs4

Download and Install OneDrive-Cloud Storage iPad App

The OneDrive -Cloud Storage iPad App for free from the App Store.
Important: Do not download OneDrive for Business.

To acquire the app directly on your iPad:

  1. Select the App Store icon on the iPad.
  2. Search the Store for OneDrive.cs6
  3. Select the Get button next to OneDrive.
  4. Select Install.
  5. Enter your iTunes account password if prompted to do so.

Set Up the OneDrive App

  1. Open the OneDrive
  2. Tap Sign In.
  3. Enter your Email Address as follows
  4. Tap Next.
  5. You will then be prompted to the Blitz login page. Login with your Dartmouth NetId and Password.
  6. You should automatically be taken to your OneDrive account.

Important: Apps update on a regular basis and issues like this are often fixed in those updates. Please keep all apps up to date for best performance.

Navigating the OneDrive App

When you open the OneDrive app, all of the files and folders you have uploaded to or created in the cloud should appear.cs7

The app layout is as follows:

  1. App login and settings appear in the menu at the top left.
  2. The files and folders appear in the center.
  3. ŸŸŸ menu provides a contextual menu
    • Details
    • Select Items
    • Sort By
    • Thumbnails View
    • Add Items
    • Open Recycling Bin
  4. Files presents all files and folders in the center of the screen.
  5. Recent will show files recently added to OneDrive.
  6. Shared will show you only files and folders shared with you or with others.

Tap on a file to preview it within OneDrive. If the file is a PDF, the interface will present a number of options.
Note: If the file is a Microsoft document, the file will open in either the iPad app or online.cs8

The interface layout when previewing a PDF from left to right of is as follows:

  1. File (returns to the Files view of OneDrive)
  2. Share Icon (for inviting people to share the document or send via email)
  3. Trash can icon (delete file)
  4. Folder with arrow icon (move file)
  5. ŸŸŸ menu provides four options:
    • Details
    • Rename This File
    • Open in Another App

Saving Files to OneDrive from Another App

From iAnnotate:cs10

  1. Find and select the file from the Local Files area.
  2. From the Actions menu, select Open In…
    If prompted select Annotated, Flattened or Original.
  3. From the apps list, select Open in OneDrive.
  4. At the bottom of the resulting page, select Upload to OneDrive.
    You will be prompted to save the file to a folder or simply upload it to the current location.

From Notability:

  1. With the file you wish to share open, select the Share iconcs9
  2. Tap Share.
  3. In the Share prompt, choose the format you wish to share the file.cs11
    • PDF (options include PDF, RTF, Note)
    • Paper
    • Recordings
  4. Tap Share Note.
  5. From the apps list, select OneDrive.
  6. At the bottom of the resulting page, select Upload to OneDrive.

It may occasionally be necessary to use an intermediary cloud storage application such as Dropbox or Google Drive that will allow you to send files to OneDrive.

See instructions for Google Drive and DropBox below.

From Google Drive:

  1. Click the (i) icon for the document you wish to move to OneDrive.cs12
  2. From the Details panel, select Open In…
  3. In the resulting window, select Open In… again.
  4. From the apps list, select OneDrive.
  5. At the bottom of the resulting page, select Upload to OneDrive.

From Dropbox:cs13

  1. Select and preview the file you wish to move to OneDrive.
  2. Click the Share icon at the top right of the page.
  3. Select the Open In
  4. From the apps list, select OneDrive.
  5. At the bottom of the resulting page, select Upload to OneDrive.