Using WebGateway for BER Approvals

You can access BER Approval forms by following these steps:

1. Click here to start WebGateway.

2. If you get this login screen…   Use your NetID number (if you don’t know it, you can look it up) and your Dartmouth password. DO NOT use your name. (Your browser may skip this login window if you have a Dartmouth security certificate on your machine.)


3. Then log into SharePoint using your NetID for Username and dartmouth password.  Click here to look up your NetID

SP Login

4. You should now see a list of BER Approvals that belong to you. Click on the BER Approvals link to open up the Approval Form.Approval Screen

5. You should now see the Approval Form. You can review the BER excel file by clicking on the excel file link. (The amount is on the third tab.) You can look at receipts by clicking on the link in the receipts box.To approve the form, click on the Approve button.

Approval Form