Furlough Notice

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the majority of NHSCR staff will be on a furlough from Tuesday November 1. A small skeleton staff will work during November to retain and receive the data, and to answer urgent questions. We hope to resume normal operations in mid November or early December. Meanwhile, please continue to submit your reports as usual; these will be received and stored safely until our return.

As always, we appreciate your high quality data which will be critical for our annual submission to the CDC. This has been pushed back to December 9. Before the furlough, we will be sending out requests for follow-back information and urge you all to submit your responses according to normal protocols.

If you have urgent questions, please put "urgent" in the subject header and contact Bruce Riddle (for data transmission issues) or Maria Celaya (for reporting issues). We will try to respond as quickly as possible. For questions to NH DHHS on the NHSCR program, please contact Whitney Hammond.

We hope to resume normal operations as quickly as possible and we appreciate your patience during this difficult time.

With best wishes,

The NHSCR team