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Two Geisel School of Medicine Students Receive Prestigious Fellowships

Two Geisel School of Medicine Students Receive Prestigious Fellowships

Geisel medical students Lye-Yeng Wong ’18 and Freddy Vazquez ’18 will each be spending one year conducting research in their areas of interest, compliments of the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and the National Institutes of Health, respectively.

Building a Common IRB Platform for Advancing Research

Led by Alan I. Green, MD, a team of scientists at Dartmouth SYNERGY Clinical and Translational Science Institute and Geisel’s department of Biomedical Data Science are helping to lead a national effort to centralize IRB (institutional review board) review for clinical research among the NIH’s 64 CTSA research centers.

SYNERGY’s Clinician-Entrepreneur Fellowship: Fostering Innovation, Enhancing Patient Care

Two innovative new products designed to improve patient care are being developed by Richard Barth, Jr., MD, and William Hudenko, PhD, through the SYNERGY Clinician-Entrepreneur Fellowship (S-CEF) program. Headed by Aaron Kaplan, MD, the S-CEF seeks to cultivate entrepreneurial skills among clinical faculty at the Geisel School of Medicine and Dartmouth-Hitchcock.

Dartmouth SYNERGY Offers a Big Boost to Clinical Research

Dartmouth SYNERGY, the Dartmouth Clinical and Translational Science Institute, is helping junior biomedical researchers take their research findings and leverage them into new treatments for patients through a huge range of research tools and clinical research support.