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Building a Common IRB Platform for Advancing Research

Building a Common IRB Platform for Advancing Research

Led by Alan I. Green, MD, a team of scientists at Dartmouth SYNERGY Clinical and Translational Science Institute and Geisel’s department of Biomedical Data Science are helping to lead a national effort to centralize IRB (institutional review board) review for clinical research among the NIH’s 64 CTSA research centers.

SYNERGY Clinician-Entrepreneur Fellowship (S-CEF) fellows Richard Barth, Jr. (left), MD, and William Hudenko (center), PhD, with Aaron Kaplan, MD, who leads the Academic-Industry Core for SYNERGY and developed the S-CEF. (photo by Jon Gilbert Fox)

SYNERGY’s Clinician-Entrepreneur Fellowship: Fostering Innovation, Enhancing Patient Care

Two innovative new products designed to improve patient care are being developed by Richard Barth, Jr., MD, and William Hudenko, PhD, through the SYNERGY Clinician-Entrepreneur Fellowship (S-CEF) program. Headed by Aaron Kaplan, MD, the S-CEF seeks to cultivate entrepreneurial skills among clinical faculty at the Geisel School of Medicine and Dartmouth-Hitchcock.