Bill Eidtson, EdD, Geisel’s director of learning support and accessibility services. (photo by Jon Gilbert Fox)

Bill Eidtson: Informal Modes of Education

When Bill Eidtson, Geisel’s director of learning support and accessibility services, talks about his interest in education, the conversation is punctuated with lively observations on educational technology and satire, which on the surface appear to be unrelated. However, he believes they can help people develop critical thinking skills.

Morgan Gilman (photo by Jon Gilbert Fox)

Grad Student Profile – Morgan Gilman: Embracing Opportunity

Morgan Gilman, a fourth-year graduate student in the McLellan Lab at Geisel, is helping lead efforts to understand how a particular type of protein allows deadly viruses—such as Ebola and RSV (respiratory syncytial virus)—to gain entry into host cells, and how antibodies can be developed to neutralize that process.