From Budweiser to Heineken, Alcohol Brands Are Rampant in Hollywood Films – Smithsonian Magazine

Read article - Quotes James Sargent, the Scott M. and Lisa G. Stuart Professor of Pediatric Oncology and professor of pediatrics, biomedical data science, and community and family medicine; and Samantha Cukier, a public policy researcher in the department of data science; in an article featuring their new research that found alcohol brand placement in movies has nearly doubled over the past two decades. It isn't just adult films that are heavy on the booze. According to the research, 72 percent of PG-rated films and 46 percent of G-rated films surveyed featured alcohol use. While that number appears to have stayed steady over time, again, brand placements nearly doubled within the 20-year period. "It can really deliver a lot of alcohol images to an underage group," Sargent says.