EVENT: Never Give Up: The Battle and Defeat of Anorexia Nervosa

February 16th, 6-8pm
Collis Common Ground
Dinner provided

What does the recovery from an eating disorder look like?

What are the challenges in diagnosis and treatment of eating disorders?

How do you treat a disease often characterized by the patient's resistance to change their harmful behavior?

This event will give you an in depth and personal perspective on what the "Battle and Defeat of Anorexia" looks like. Hear from a recovering medical student who is courageously willing to share her touching story, as well as Dr. Pouneh Fazeli, a renowned physician-researcher on eating disorders. Dr. Fazeli holds an M.D., M.P.H., and a Masters in Bioethics and currently practices medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital in addition to teaching at Harvard Medical School. Members of Dartmouth’s Eating Consultation Team will speak about the prevalence rates and offer information about available services here. We hope that this event will educate the audience on the complexity of eating disorders, give insights to those in medicine on how to better take care of patients with eating disorders, and also empower any individual who is currently struggling or knows someone who is.

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