NCD Faculty Members/Research Interests

This is a listing of Neuroscience Center faculty members. Not all are participating faculty in the Neuroscience Graduate Track of the Program in Experimental and Molecular Medicine (PEMM).


  • Swenson, Rand: Neuroanatomy, effect of manual procedures on chronic neck pain


  • Yeager, Mark: Neuroendocrine response to trauma, Mathematical modelling of sepsis-induced immune dysfunction


  • Madden, Dean: Structural biology of the glutamate receptor ion channel implicated in learning and memory, and diseases such as epilepsy
  • Supattapone, Surachai: Pathogenesis of prion and Alzheimer's diseases


  • Dolph, Patrick: Molecular mechanisms of retinal degeneration in Drosophila


  • Chang, T.Y.: ACAT, cholesterol trafficking and regulation, Neimann-Pick type C and Alzheimer's disease


  • Coch, Donna J.: Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, investigation of the development of reading skills using event-related potentials (ERPs)


  • Dunlap, Jay: Molecular biology of the biological clock
  • Pikielny, Claudio: Role of pheromones in complex stereotyped courtship and mating behaviors in the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster



  • Buckey, Jay: Hyperbaric oxygen treatment
  • Bujarski, Kris A.: Cognitive/behavioral consequences of epilepsy and epilepsy surgery
  • Cohen, Jeffrey: Neuromuscular, diabetic peripheral neuropathy, axonal transport in diabetic neuropathy
  • Fadul, Camilo: Neuro-oncology, immune mechanisms in brain tumor therapy
  • Kobylarz, Erik J.: Clinical neurophysiology, intraoperative neurophysiologic monitoring, epilepsy
  • Lee, Stephen: Molecular pathogenesis of Parkinson's disease
  • Jobst, Barbara: Clinical characterization and electrical propagation pathways of epileptic seizures
  • Kasper, Lloyd: Neuroimmunology, immune modulation in MS
  • Stommel, Elijah: Diabetic neuropathy, CNS Toxoplasma gondii infection and cryptogenic epilepsy
  • Thadani, Vijay: Epilepsy, functional brain imaging; localization of seizure foci for the purpose of epilepsy surgery



  • Appleton, Jon: Arthur R. Virgin Professor of Music, Emeritus
  • Casey, Michael: Chair, Department of Music, James Wright Professor of Music
    Professor of Computer Science
    Director, Graduate Program in Digital Musics




  • Darnall, Robert: Neurobiology of cardiorespiratory control. Role of the ventral medulla in sleep
  • Filiano, James: Pediatric Neurology, Mitochondrial Disorders, Brain abnormalities in SIDS
  • Morse, Richard: Epilepsy in Children, Functional brain imaging, prevention of seizure-induced damage on brain development
  • Nordgren, Richard: Attitudes in Epilepsy, Status Epilepticus in Children



  • Flashman, Laura: Neuropsychology and neuroimaging of schizophrenia and neurological disorders
  • Friedman, Matthew: Psychobiology and clinical psychopharmacology of anxiety, affective and stress-related disorders
  • Green, Alan: Clinical and biological studies of patients with schizophrenia and related psychiatric disorders/action of atypical and novel antipsychotic drugs
  • Green, Ronald: Morphology of auditory association cortex in dyslexia and schizophrenia
  • Greenough, Glen: Measurement of sleep deprivation/apnea
  • Holtzheimer, Paul E.: Neurobiology of treatment-resistant depression and other mood disorders; structural and function neuroimaging, transcranial magnetic stimulation, deep brain stimulation
  • Roth, Robert: Structural and functional imaging of affective and anxiety disorders
  • Wishart, Heather: Neuropsychology and brain imaging of multiple sclerosis, early dementia


  • Bucci, David J.: Chair, Department of Psychological and Brain SciencesRalph and Richard Lazarus Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences
  • Clark, Ann S.: Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences
    Chair of the Department of Education
  • Coch, Donna: Professor of Education - Developmental cognitive neuroscience and education
  • Cramer, Catherine P.: Associate Professor - Psychological and Brain Sciences
  • Duchaine, Brad: Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences
  • Granger, Richard: Professor - Center for Social Brain Sciences, Cognitive Science, Engineering Sciences, Linguistics, and Psychological and Brain Sciences
  • James V. Haxby: Evans Family Distinguished Professor, Director, Center for Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Heatherton, Todd F.: Lincoln Filene Professor of Human Relations, Director, Center for Social Brain Sciences, Norris Cotton Cancer Center Investigator
  • Hughes, Howard C.: Professor - Psychological and Brain Sciences
  • Hull, Jay G.: Associate Dean of Faculty for the Social Sciences, Professor, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences - Center for Social Brain Sciences, Master of Arts in Liberal Studies, Psychological and Brain Sciences
  • Kelley, William M.: Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences
  • Meng, Ming: Assistant Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences
  • Taube, Jeffrey S.: Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences
  • Tse, Peter U.: Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences
  • Wheatley, Thalia: Associate Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences
    Dartmouth Social Intelligence Laboratory
  • Whalen, Paul J.: Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences
  • Wolford, George L.: Professor Emeritus Teaching of Psychological and Brain Sciences


  • Eskey, Clifford J.: - imaging of cerebral perfusion and metabolism; endovascular therapies for neurovascular pathology
  • Guerin, Stephen J.: - Neuroimaging and interventional neuroradiology
  • Pastel, David A.: - neuroradiology, vertebroplasty, kyphoplasty, spine procedures.
  • Swartz, Harold: - ischemia-reperfusion injury; pathophysiological and physiological changes in oxygenation; melanin and Parkinson's disease


  • Ball, Perry: Neuroscience/Critical care, spine
  • Hoopes, Jack: (1)Pathogenesis and sparing of radiation myelopathy, (2)Modeling brain deformation during surgery (3)Brain tumor oxygen and hypofractionated radiation therapy
  • Roberts, David: Stereotaxy, epilepsy, movement disorders


  • Diamond, Solomon G.: Biomedical imaging; functional neuroimaging; physiological modeling; heart rate variability; stroke recovery; Alzheimer's disease
  • Leblond, Frederic: Fluorescence-guided neurosurgery, near-infrared molecular imaging of brain tumors, diffuse fluorescence tomography
  • Paulsen, Keith: Neuroimaging, image-guidance, model-drive image reconstruction
  • Pogue, Brian: Near-infrared optical monitoring and treatment of tumors
  • Trembly, Stuart: Therapuetic heating of tissue with microwave energy