Experimental Therapeutics 131

Offered Winter '09,'11

Course Directors

Michael Spinella Ph.D.

Jim DiRenzo Ph.D.

This course will present a survey of current methods and approaches in pharmacologic, molecular and experimental therapeutic research. Topics will include pharmacogenomics, pharmacogenetics, functional genomics, global gene expression, proteomics, gene targeting and drug development. The class will be lecture format. The class will meet for 3 hours each week.

Lecture Topic
1 Global Gene Expression/Array
2 Genomic Databases and Sequence Comparisons
3 RNAi/AS/Ribozymes
4 Experimental Mouse Genetics
5 Protein Purification/Chromatography
6 Proteomics/Mass Spectroscopy
7 Data Mining and Analysis
8 Exam I
9 Selected Topics Genomics/Proteomics
10 EPR
11 Pharmacologic Applications of PET
12 Open Date - no class
13 Fluorescence and Imaging
14 Fluorescence and Flow Cytometry
16 Exam II
17 Enzymatic Assay Development
18 Pharmacogenetics I
19 Chemical Libraries: Design and Applications
20 Pharmacogenetics II
21 Drug discovery/Industrial Perspective
22 Molecular Epidemiology
23 Exam III