Scott Gleim (Hwa lab): protein purification, UV-Vis spectroscopy

Eric Arehart (Hwa lab): competition/saturation binding, cAMP assay

Ryan Horvath (DeLeo Lab): Transwell migration assay, immunocyto(histo)chemistry

Courtney Kozul (Hamilton Lab): Microarray Analysis

Shohreh Farzan (Robbins Lab): Ultracentrifugation and subcellular fractionation

Samar Singh (Robbins Lab): FPLC

Xi (Hill) Liu (Dmitrovsky Lab): transgenic mice for lung cancer, primary epithelia (lung cancer) cell culture, microRNA

Athena Nomikos (Hamilton Lab): Bioanalyzer, real time PCR

Kristina Fetalvero (Martin lab): immunoprecipitation, Nucleofector transfection, PCR

Min Ding (Martin Lab): Immunoprecipitation, Nucleofector for siRNA and plasmid transfections

DeLeo Lab Expertise:

Rodent Spinal Cord Surgery

Rodent Spinal Cord/Brain Tissue perfusion and Harvest

Immunohistochemistry: Free Floating Tissue, SuperFrost Slide, DAB and immunofluorescence

Immunocytochemistry: rodent cell cultures

Flow Cytometry: rodent cell culture, ex vivo spinal cord cells

Western Blotting of rodent proteins

ELISA of rodent cytokines

Transwell migration assay: rodent primary microglial and immortilized cultures

Animal Behavorial Testing: Rodent-hyperalgesia, alloydia, righting, writhing, step placement

rodent spinal cord, brain, spleen tissue cutting using a Cryostat