About Us

“Nothing will sustain you more potently in your humdrum routine…than the power to recognize the true poetry of life- the poetry of the commonplace, of the ordinary man, of the plain, toil-worn woman, with their loves and their joys, their sorrows and their griefs.”

Sir William Osler      

Lifelines began as one student’s dream back in 2002 as he commenced his first year of medical school. Sai Li envisioned a literary journal that could break through the “humdrum routine” to see this “true poetry of life.” After a year and a half of hard work by numerous medical students, faculty, members of the community, and with the endurance of our administrative advisor, Shawn O’Leary, Lifelines became a reality.

We continue with this mission:

to be a thread winding amongst all those who have been touched by the medical experience, and to weave a literary tapestry offering the much-needed creative outlet for health-care providers and patients alike.

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