C. Everett Koop Institute Website

The C. Everett Koop Institute Web Site began as an attempt to find common ground and inspire collaboration within the Koop Institute. Composed of a great variety of individuals working on disparate projects, the Institute needed to find a common spirit and vision that would bring its efforts and initiatives together. After a great deal of work searching for this vision, a new mission was created. This web site was an attempt to put that new mission into words and pictures, displayed in an interactive format on the Web - celebrating the Institute even as we provide information about it. Doing this has, in many ways, brought the Institute closer together.

At the same time, the site was also a technology project, an opportunity for the Institute's technical team to learn - and push the limits - of existing technology on the World Wide Web, to create a site which was intuitive, fast, and artistically designed. It was also a starting point from which to explore the potential of the Web as a connective space, bringing people together and reducing fragmentation - even within our own institution. The result, we believe, is a first - class site, particularly when viewed against the background of existing medical WWW sites.

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