The Koop Village

The Koop Village was an experimental World Wide Web based conference and discussion center. A rich graphical environment depicting a turn of the century New England village, the Village contained a variety of buildings, each dedicated to a different subject in human health. Together, these buildings housed a multitude of topic-based meeting rooms, covering a wide range of discussion topics in health and human well-being.

The Koop Village was an adventure in utliizing an intuitive and powerful blending of cutting-edge Internet technologies, graphic images, and innovative interface designs to host a free, no-hassle, and engrossing environment for the sharing of information and ideas. By providing an accessible space for communication, combined with powerful research and information-gathering tools, the Koop Village was a representation of the Institute's goal to promote the development of human networks as a means of enhancing the effectiveness of the myriad of individuals, institutions, and organizations that are seeking to improve human health.

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