Northern New England Health Informatics Initiative

With medical knowledge expanding every day, no physician can keep up without help. By using high-tech medical communication, high-performance computers, high-resolution video, and fiber-optic information "superhighways", we have been able to put the entire world of medical science at the fingertips of even the most isolated rural family doctor.

- C. Everett Koop, M.D.

1997 marked the successful completion of the Northern New England Health Informatics Initiative (NNEHII), which established information-based medical networksin the northeast region.

Although NNEHII started as a project focused on northern New England, it came to encompass all six New England states, as well as New York and Pennsylvania. During the past three years, NNEHII has served as a resource for those trying to implement and evalutate medical networks, informatics, and telemedicine. Through meetings, focus groups, conferences, and pilot projects, NNEHII served a leading role in the advancement of informatics and telemedicine in the New England medical community.

Health care providers in the target region now benefit from participation in professional electronic "networks" that reduce their sense of isolation, offer Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs, and allow electronic consultations.

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