Hepatitis C Awareness

"Hepatitis C already infects three times more people than does AIDS. It is responsible for more than one-third of all liver transplants. And by the turn of the century, it will kill far more people than AIDS each year."

- C. Everett Koop, M.D.

Over a six-month period, the Koop Institute's technical team created a multimedia website promoting awareness of Hepatitis C, a deadly viral disease with which more than four million Americans are infected. The end result is Hepatitis C: An Epidemic for Anyone.

Members of the technical team led extensive research efforts on Hepatitis C so that the website would be informative not only to casual browsers, but also to medical professionals. A group from the Institute also traveled to Washington, DC for the First Annual

Conference on Hepatitis C and Rally, where they captured on video the stories of patients and caregivers affected by the disease. These video clips, as well as footage from the rally itself, can be viewed on the site.

The Koop Institute's graphic artists and designers produced animations and games about Hepatitis C, as well as two illustrated storybooks for children. The site also features a comprehensive links directory, a vehicle for sending letters to members of Congress, and a directory of Hepatitis C testing sites.

The Koop Institute hopes that its multimedia approach to Hepatitis C awareness will alert people in America and around the world to this tragic epidemic.

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