Learning Frameworks

Psychology 22: Learning

Psychology 22 is an undergraduate course at Dartmouth which introduces the process of learning and discusses effective approaches to learning and teaching. The course was designed with the assistance of many Dartmouth students, in light of the extensive research effort that has been conducted to understand how to teach and learn effectively.

As an experiment in new approaches to learning, The Koop Institute's technical team, working in conjunction with Dartmouth's Psychology Department, converted much of the course's materials for presentation on the World Wide Web in a highly interactive format.

Students were able to access many of the course materials and take surveys online. Surveys form an integral part of the Psychology 22, providing feedback about all aspects of their performance in the class - as well as the impact of the course and its workload on their personal lives. By conducting these surveys online, students were able to get instantaneous feedback, allowing them to examine and experiment effectively with their own learning strategies.

In the future, Psychology 22's course materials will exist entirely online, as a model for effective use of electronic media in learning and evaluation.

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