Computer Based Instruction

Multimedia computer-based instruction (CBI) is a vehicle to make medical education more interactive, more realistic, and more relevant to 21st century medicine. The Koop Institute was instrumental in first developing medical CBI programs and is now involved in establishing CBI on the internet to promote wider access to this important source of medical education.

One barrier to the widespread use of CBI is the need for local faculty to develop programs which emphasize their own teachings, styles, and strategies. Our introduction of CBI into the Geisel School of Medicine has resulted in an increase in faculty interest in creating their own CBI materials.

To meet this need, Dr. Jorge Gonzalez, a pathologist from Dartmouth, devloped a CBI authoring shell called the Computerized Interactive Medical Authoring System (CIMAS), which reduced to one-fifth the time required by faculty members to produce CBI materials. CIMAS has since been used -- often by faculty with little computer experience -- to replace approximately 40 hours of traditional pathology instruction with CBI.

The Koop Institute has worked to place CBI on the internet, an endeavor which will make the teaching programs available on all computer platforms and will increase student access to this exciting technology.

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