Center for Educational Outcomes

The Center for Educational Outcomes was created to provide effective evaluative feed-back to educational institutions, programs, and individuals, and to foster a positive atti-tude toward evaluation by implementing effective evaluative feedback through the use of advanced methodology and thoughtful attention to detail in a comprehensive, interactive, iterative process.

The Center for Educational Outcomes has worked, or is currently working, in a number of educational arenas and on a number of projects.

K-12 Education
We are studying the development of health awareness in children as a result of health education provided by medical students. We have developed measurement instruments to track attitudes and knowledge in school children.

Colleges and Universities
We work with colleges to help them understand the impact that particular courses and programs have on the development of their students.

Medical Schools and Health Care Institutions
We are involved in studying such questions as the impact of medical education re-form on medical students, the impact on medical students of service learning projects in

which the students teach health to school children in their community, and in a comprehensive, longitudinal study of the development of medical students across their medical school education. We are involved in the evaluation of graduate and continuing medical education with projects assessing the impact of a continuous quality improvement program on the development of health care professionals and as-sessing changes in residents over the course of residency. We have a special interest in palliative care and end-of-life issues, and we are helping institutions measure the impact of their programs directed at these issues.

Technological Innovations
We are engaged in the development of innovative computer-based tools to assist researchers find and analyze relevant bodies of published research. We have initiated a series of projects that are developing web-based tools to provide education and guide learners.

The Center for Educational Outcomes provides complete consultative services for educational institutions and programs of all types. These services include instructional design, needs analysis, development of research designs, development of outcome measures, custom measurement instrument design, data collection from field sites, database design, analysis of complex data sets, and reporting and communication of findings.

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