The Poetry Project

The Poetry Project is dedicated to inspiring women to express their feelings through writing. At the Koop Institute, we believe that the arts are a valuable means of supporting the healing process. Certain life situations or life crises (i.e. infertility, menopause, cancer, pain of any kind) can bring strong feelings to the forefront of our hearts. If these feelings surface, a poem may be found. Writing can be healing!

We invite you to write about and, if you are willing to, share your experiences in the form of poetry. A "Book-Binder" has been created, collecting poetry, written by people of all ages and from all walks of life as part of their healing experience. Thanks to every person who has shared their intimate words and the hope is-that YOU, will

find inspiration, courage, strength from all that has been brought together here.

Our Poetry Table is displayed twice a year...during the Christmas Season and again in April-"National Poetry Month", at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center-Lebanon, NH. Poems are accepted at all times, throughout the year. We at the "Women's Health for Life" Program-"C. Everett Koop Institute" welcome your poems, your writing, your healing.

The Poetry Project was developed in partnership with DHMC Woman's Health for Life, and is directed by Nurse Practitioner Kate Geurlink (OB/GYN).

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