Previous Concerts and Performances

The next time you are in the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center keep your ears peeled for the melodic sounds of music. Whether you are a patient, visitor or staff member you can enjoy classical chamber music, the collaborative voices of an a cappella or Glee Club group and the popular songs of a solo guitarist and singer.

Local, student, and visiting artists perform in DHMC public spaces, patient care units, and, when appropriate, in patient rooms. These performances include quartets, soloists (flute, guitar, violin, etc.), singers, magicians and clowns. Some of these performances are organized by Dartmouth students through the ArtCare work-study program and some are organized by the Healing and the Arts staff at the Koop Institute in cooperation with DHMC. Certain visits are made possible with cooperation from the Hopkins Center at Dartmouth College.

Our goal in this program is to host two concerts per month. Some examples are:

  • Healing clowns visiting children as part of the Child life Program.
  • A concert by a quartet from the Killington Music Festival.
  • Concerts by the Decibelles and the Final Cut, Dartmouth a capella groups.
  • Weekly piano concerts in the DHMC Rotunda by Dartmouth alumni and student bluegrass groups.
  • Concerts by visiting artists of the Hop held in the Rotunda

So be on the look out for these musicians and performers who, with their artistic and creative talent and generous character, bring a unique uplifting spirit of health and healing into the bounds of the hospital walls.

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