Previous About Healing and the Arts Program

The Koop Institute launched the Healing and the Arts program in April 1995. Healing and the Arts explores and evaluate the potential for using the arts and humanities to accomplish the following goals:

  • Build more effective doctor-patient relationships
  • Enhance medical education
  • Support the process of healing
  • Promote good health habits

Healing and the Arts seeks to achieve these goals by developing and testing model programs, helping to further existing initiatives, and by linking people and programs that examine the interface between the arts and health

care. The Institute promotes the results of its work to both targeted and general audiences, and is available to assist others wishing to develop arts and humanities wellness activities.

Healing and the Arts is a joint activity by the Geisel School of Medicine and the C. Everett Koop Institute to explore the use of the arts and humanities to enhance medical education and support the process of healing. Healing and the Arts works with and is a member of Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center Arts, a committee that organizes in-patient arts and humanities activities at the medical center.

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