Curriculum Redesign

Posted: December 7th, 2011 by Derik Hertel

Our Curriculum Redesign Task Force has embraced the exciting and complex challenge of developing a new and innovative curriculum that will prepare our students not only to be excellent clinicians, but to be leaders of change in health care.

While we are still early in this process, some fundamental parameters are already taking shape. The new curriculum will enable our students to earn both an MD and a master’s degree in leadership within the standard four-year timeframe of a traditional MD degree. Within the master’s track, they will choose from one of several possible areas of concentration, such as population health, health care delivery science, or global health.

Another key element of the new curriculum will be the integration of the basic sciences currently taught in years one and two with the clinical sciences taught in years three and four. We believe learning will be more powerful and more efficient by bringing fundamental physiology and patho-physiology together with clinical correlations in a systems perspective. This will get students out of the classroom and into clinical learning sites sooner and allow for inclusion of the master’s degree content as well.

In reshaping our curriculum, we also seek to preserve and leverage DMS’s unique strengths. These include our small class size, the quality of our teaching, the access our students have to our faculty, and our world-renowned expertise and leadership in process improvement and health care delivery science.

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