Carmen Marsit, PhD Appointed co-director of Cancer Epidemiology Research Program

Posted: November 25th, 2013 by Derik Hertel

Carmen Marsit, PhD

The Norris Cotton Cancer Center is pleased to announce the appointment of Carmen Marsit as co-director of the NCCC Cancer Epidemiology Research Program. Carmen received his BS from Lafayette College in 2000 and his PhD in Biological Sciences in Public Health from Harvard in 2004. Carmen is an experienced molecular epidemiologist with unique multidisciplinary training and expertise in molecular biology, genetics, and epidemiology and his research combines these disciplines to powerfully examine the importance of epigenetic regulation in cancer biology and pathology with the use of genomic technologies in population-based studies. He has led pioneering work on the examination of epigenetic mechanisms in human population studies, including work in bladder, lung, and head and neck cancers. He also has a significant research program focused on identifying how environmental exposures linked to carcinogenesis and other health outcomes impact the human epigenome. Carmen has a strong publication and extramural funding record that provide strong evidence of this expertise and skill in molecular epidemiologic studies.

In his new position, Carmen will share responsibility with the current co-director, Margaret Karagas in facilitating population-based research and especially molecular research within defined populations. We are excited by Carmen’s commitment to provide outstanding mentorship for NCCC faculty and expand the CE program using it as a unique and powerful platform for building interdisciplinary and translational research bridging modern genomic science and population-based studies of human cancer.

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