Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy

Enhancing physical and mental wellbeing

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) is an educational and experiential group program combining mindfulness meditation with cognitive therapy to better manage symptoms of depression and anxiety, and promote wellness. In the United Kingdom, the National Institute of Clinical Excellence has recommended MBCT for preventing relapse of depression. 

MBCT is also useful to any of us who would like to engage differently, and more peacefully, with the busy and often stressful lives many of us live in today.

The goal of the program is to become aware of your mind and body through practices of mindful awareness. In the program you will learn to: 

The Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy courseis an eight-week program that will begin on April 7, 2015.   The group will meet for 1.5-2 hours each week beginning at 5:30pm. A brief interview is required prior to enrollment in the course to provide additional information about MBCT, and to assess if MBCT is an appropriate option.

This course is offered through Hanover Psychiatry, a community outpatient practice of Dartmouth's Geisel School of Medicine. Hanover Psychiatry embraces an integrative, whole body model of care, recognizing the interconnectedness of our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, and building on our inherent resilience.

For more information please call Hanover Psychiatry at (603) 277-9110

Group Facilitator: Susan Stevens, Psy.D. (Susan.P.Stevens@Dartmouth.edu)