Our Practice

image"I know that you have dozens of patients, but when I am here, it seems that I am the only one"
--Jon C.

Our Mission

Hanover Psychiatry expands the offerings of the Department of Psychiatry, Dartmouth Medical School, to individuals who seek the quality of faculty-delivered, research supported and highly effective treatments but want that care in a setting of utmost privacy and confidentiality.

Our mission is summarized in a simple formula: when the best practitioners provide the best treatment in the best environment, the result is excellence.

As a self-pay practice, the care remains entirely in the hands of those receiving it. This environment demands that we deliver only the best of what we have to offer at all times.

A singular focus, a clear mission and an unwavering goal.

Dartmouth Quality yet Entirely Self-Contained

Hanover Psychiatry is entirely self-contained.

We offer the best of both worlds; outstanding resources and utmost confidentiality.

All of our practice is self-contained. We share no records with the larger DHMC system. As an environment rich in personal control, you remain in charge of your care and your records.



At Hanover Psychiatry, all of our doctors are Dartmouth faculty providing world-class care right here in your backyard.

We deliver the latest research-based care with a total focus on providing real and sustainable value to your life.

We wish to not only help you to be free of psychological and psychiatric burdens but to heal and grow in ways that allow you to live fully.

Our goal is assist you in performing your very best in all aspects of your life: work, career, relationships, as a parent, a sibling, student or athlete.


Hanover Psychiatry is pleased to offer a comprehensive suite of services in one location. We believe this to be both a convenience and an advantage.

The very best care is delivered in environments of close collaboration between clinicians. Our clinicians seek to work with one another from evaluation through completion of care and beyond. Case conference and consultation allow for the development of innovative treatment plans tailored specifically to the individual while addressing multiple dimensions of function.

The collaboration between Hanover Psychiatry clinicians and other treating clinicians or referring professionals is also critical. HP clinicians will regularly coordinate care with these other professionals, as requested by the patient, to provide the most thoughtful and comprehensive care we can deliver. We value a total team perspective and the importance of moving in a focused direction for the sake of the patient.


Collaboration between patient and doctor is equally important. Treatment goals and plans are discussed and agreed upon. In this manner, there is a clear understanding of the rationale for intervention and an accurate expectation for results. Readiness for change is always considered and appropriate steps taken.

Collaboration can only occur in an atmosphere of trust, respect and clear communication between parties. We gladly expect and encourage feedback about our performance so as to provide the highest quality treatment that we can deliver. Patients will frequently hear: "What could I have done better for you today?"

Our place within the Dartmouth Medical School affords us world-class resources upon which to draw, from top personnel to the latest academic and scientific resources. This collaboration between the practice of Hanover Psychiatry and the reputation of Dartmouth College is a rare and invaluable asset to patients and referrers alike.


Hanover Psychiatry provides the highest quality neuropsychological services for individuals who have concerns regarding their thinking abilities. As people face life's challenges, they often worry about attention, learning, memory and multi-tasking. In many cases, a neuropsychological assessment provides invaluable guidance for learning problems, adult attention deficit disorder, reassurance about the aging process and direction for further medical, psychiatric or psychological workup and care.


Cognitive changes can also be associated with a number of medical conditions, either as a result of the disease process itself (e.g., traumatic brain injury, tumors, cancer, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and stroke) or as a result of treatments associated with the disorder. Assessment can determine baseline abilities and subsequent change and provide much needed information about course of disease and response to treatment.

To achieve these goals, a comprehensive neuropsychological assessment is conducted using paper and pencil and electronic tests to assess a broad range of cognitive abilities including general intellectual functioning, attention, memory, language, visuospatial skills, fine-motor skills, executive functions (processing speed, reasoning abilities and problem solving) and affective or emotional functioning as well. A thorough and detailed assessment of strengths and weaknesses is made and can be used to enhance many important aspects of performance in general and health care in particular including diagnosis, treatment planning, care and recovery. Employees, patients, students, athletes and seniors can all benefit with enhanced performance at work or home, in school or on the field, in all life roles.

Our Neuropsychological Team is headed by Robert Roth, Ph.D. Dr. Roth conducts the initial interview and determines the proper tests to answer the referral question. Our post-doctoral fellow then administers and scores the tests. Dr. Roth compiles and interprets the results, explains them in detail and delivers the highest quality written report of the findings at the consultation. Assessment records are securely kept here at Hanover Psychiatry and sent to relevant health care agencies or others as appropriate at your request.