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Hanover Psychiatry is a new psychiatric and psychological practice offered by the Department of Psychiatry, Dartmouth Medical School serving the people of the Upper Valley region of New Hampshire and Vermont and beyond.

As an expansion of Department of Psychiatry services, the practice broadens the range of options for individuals seeking faculty-delivered, research-based and highly effective treatments.

Hanover Psychiatry is an entirely self-contained entity in a comfortable, discreet community location that offers the utmost confidentiality in all of its consultations.

The essential focus of the practice is to create and enhance real and sustainable value in the lives of those who desire care or are seeking a source for referral.

In an atmosphere rich in personal control and close collaboration, the aim is not simply to remove impediments to living freely, joyfully and successfully but to promote growth and resilience, enhance performance and enrich life.

At all times, the practice is inspired by and hopeful about the inherent human ability to heal and persevere.

Expert cognitive therapy, pharmacotherapy (medication) and neuropsychology are offered for anxiety and mood disorders and for a variety of other conditions across all ages and, when appropriate, seamlessly blended in an individually crafted approach.