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David J. Gladstone, Sc.D.

Professor of Medicine
Chief of Clinical Physics


Harvard Medical School, Post Doctoral Fellowship 1991
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sc.D. 1989
University of Denver, B.S.Ch. 1983

EPR Center at Dartmouth Medical School
Norris Cotton Cancer Center

Contact Information:

Dartmouth Medical School
HB 7999
Hanover NH 03755

Office: 1 Medical Center Drive
Phone: 603-650-6442
Fax: 603-650-6616
Email: david.gladstone@dartmouth.edu

Professional Interests:

Ultra conformal radiation therapy to spare normal tissues from damage secondary to treatment. Image guided radiation therapy, biological gating of therapeutic X-ray beams, image guided brachytherapy. Cherenkov emission during radiotherapy. EPR dosimetry.

Grant Information:

NIH/PO1 GM51630-05 Physics Consultant
NIH / NCI 1R43CA78005-01 - Phase II Co-Investigator
ACS grant #IRG82-003016IRG IRG-157M PI
NIH/NCI P01 CA23108-35 Co-director Radiation Shared Resource
NIH/NCI R43 CA103567-01 Co-Investigator

Courses Taught:

ENG-56, ENG-157, ENG-167, ENG-168, ENG-192

Selected Publications:


  • David J Gladstone, Michael F Flanagan, Jean B Southworth, Vaughn Hadley, MelissaWei Thibualt, Eugen B Hug and P Jack Hoopes Radiation-induced cardiomyopathy as a function of radiation beam gating to the cardiac cycle. Phys. Med. Biol. 49 (2004) 14751484

  • Hein P, Gladstone DJ, Bellerive MR, Hug EB Importance of protocol target definition on the ability to spare normal tissue: an IMRT and 3D-CRT planning comparison for intraorbital tumors. Int J. Radiat Oncol Biol Phys 2005 Aug 1;62(5) 1540-8

  • Lollis SS, Hug EB, Gladstone DJ, Chaffee S, Duhaime AC, Acquired Chiari malformation type I following fractionated radiation therapy to the anterior skull base in a 20-month-old boy. Case report. J Neurosurg. 2006 Feb;104(2 Suppl):133-7

  • Hou H, Lariviere JP, Demidenko E, Gladstone DJ, Swartz H, Kahn N Repeated tumor pO2 measurements by multi-site EPR oximetry as prognostic marker for enhanced therapeutic efficacy of fractionated radiotherapy. Submitted to Radiotherapy and Oncology 7/2008

  • Osterman KS, Hoopes PJ, Gladstone DJ, DeLorenzo C, Paulsen KD Non-invasive assessment of radiation injury with electrical impedance spectroscopy. Physics in Medicine and Biology,49(8):1475-84, 2004

  • Amdur RJ, Gladstone DJ, Leopold KA, Harris, RD Prostate seed implant quality assessment using MR and CT image fusion. Int. J. Radiation Oncology Biol. Phys., 1999;43(1):67-72

  • Zhang R, Gladstone DJ, Jarvis LA, Strawbridge RR, Hoopes PJ, Friedman OD, Glaser AK, Pogue BW Real-time in vivo Cherenkoscopy imaging during external beam radiation therapy. Journal of Biomedical Optics Letters, 2013 Nov; 18(11) 110504-1

  • Swartz HM, Williams BB, Jarvis LA, Zaki BI, Gladstone DJ, Repeated monitoring of tumor oxygen while breathing carbogen to determine the therapeutic potential of hyperoxic therapy. Practical Radiation Oncology (1879-8500), 3 (2 suppl 1), p. S23 2013

  • Zhang R, Davis SC, Demers JH, Glaser AK, Gladstone DJ, Esipova TV, Sergei VA, Pogue BW Oxygen tomography by Cerenkov-excited phosphorescence during external beam irradiation. Biomedical Optics 2013 May 18(5) 050503-1

  • Mazur C, Tate JA, Strawbridge RR, Gladstone DJ, Hoopes PJ Iron oxide nanoparticle enhancement of radiation cytotoxicity. SPIE Proceedings Vol. 8584 Energy-based Treatemn;t of Tissue and Assessment VII, Thomas P. Ryen Editors March 2013