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Catherine Carriere, PhD

Assistant Professor of Medicine


1995- PhD, Pasteur Institute, Lille France
1995-2000 Postdoctoral fellow, UC San Diego
2000-2005 Research assistant biologist, UC San Diego

Norris Cotton Cancer Center

Contact Information:

Office: 603-653-3646
Fax: 603-653-9952
Email: carriere@dartmouth.edu

Professional Interests:

Molecular dissection of cancer early stages with special focus on pancreatic cancer.
Microenvironment roles in cancer initiation

Selected Publications:


  • Carrière C, Gore AJ, Norris AM, Gunn JR, Young AL, Longnecker DS, Korc M. Deletion of Rb accelerates pancreatic carcinogenesis by oncogenic Kras and impairs senescence in premalignant lesions. Gastroenterology, 2011 (view details on MedLine)

  • Carriere, C, Young AL, Gunn JR, Longnecker DS, Korc M Acute Pancreatitis Accelerates Initiation and Progression to Pancreatic Cancer in Mice Expressing Oncogenic Kras in the Nestin Cell Lineage. PLoS ONE, 2011

  • Carrière C, Young AL, Gunn JR, Longnecker DS, Korc M. Acute pancreatitis markedly accelerates pancreatic cancer progression in mice expressing oncogenic Kras. BBRC, 2009 (view details on MedLine)

  • Carrière C, Seeley ES, Goetze T, Longnecker DS, Korc M. The Nestin progenitor lineage is the compartment of origin for pancreatic intraepithelial neoplasia. PNAS, 2007 (view details on MedLine)

  • Qi Y, Ranish JA, Zhu X, Krones A, Zhang J, Aebersold R, Rose DW, Rosenfeld MG, Carrière C. Atbf1 is required for the Pit1 gene early activation. PNAS 2008 (view details on MedLine)