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Patricia Ernst, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Genetics
Associate Professor of Micro Immunology
Co-director, Cancer Mechanisms Program (NCCC)

Micro Immunology

University of California, Los Angeles - PhD 1996

Immunology Program


Contact Information:

Department of Genetics/DMS
HB7400, Remsen 725A
Hanover NH 03755

Office: 725A Remsen
Phone: 603-650-1134
Fax: 603-650-1188
Email: patricia.ernst@dartmouth.edu

Assistant: Cheryl Bush
Asst. Phone: 650-1907
Asst. Email: cheryl.bush@dartmouth.edu

Professional Interests:

Pathways regulating hematopoietic stem cell development and maintenance, particularly the role of MLL in these processes. Role of chromatin regulatory proteins in the development and function of hematopoietic cells, and in leukemia. Mechanisms of epigenetic gene regulation in the development and function of lymphocytes.

Grant Information:

NHLBI R01 #090036
ACS #RSG-10-242-LIB
Gabrielle's Angel Foundation
Lauri Strauss Leukemia Foundation
Kimmel Scholar Award
V Foundation Award

Courses Taught:

Biochemical and Genetic Basis of Medicine (BIOC110, medical school class)
Chromatin Structure and Function (MICRO/GENETICS271, graduate class)
Animal Development, Stem Cells, and Human Disease (GENETICS147, graduate class)
Advanced Topics in Immunology (MICRO142, graduate class, developmental immunology segment)
Cellular and Molecular Basis of Immunity (MICRO144, graduate class, hematopoiesis segment)

Selected Publications:


  • Li BE, Gan T, Meyerson M, Rabbitts T and P Ernst. Distinct pathways regulated by Menin and by MLL1 in hematopoietic stem cells and B-cells. In press, Blood

  • Artinger EL, Mishra BP, Zaffuto KM, Li BE, Chung EKY, Moore AW, Chen Y, Cheng C and P Ernst. An MLL-dependent program sustains hematopoiesis. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 2013 Jul 16;110(29):12000-5. (view details on MedLine)

  • Gan T*, Jude CD*, Zaffuto K and P Ernst. Developmentally regulated removal of MLL reveals a selective requirement during adult but not fetal hematopoiesis. Leukemia, Oct 24(10):1732-41, 2010 (view details on MedLine)

  • Jude CD, Gaudet JJ, Speck NA and P Ernst. Leukemia and hematopoietic stem cells: balancing proliferation and quiescence. Cell Cycle. 2008 Mar;7(5):586-91 (view details on MedLine)

  • Jude CD, Climer L, Xu D, Artinger E, Fisher JK, and P Ernst. Unique and independent roles for MLL in adult hematopoietic stem cells and progenitors. Cell Stem Cell 1(3);324-337, 2007 (view details on MedLine)

  • Ernst P, Mabon M, Davidson AJ, Zon LI, Korsmeyer SJ. An Mll-dependent Hox program drives hematopoietic progenitor expansion. Current Biology Nov 23;14(22):2063-9, 2004 (view details on MedLine)

  • Ernst P, Fisher JK, Avery W, Wade S, Foy D, Korsmeyer SJ. Definitive hematopoiesis requires the mixed-lineage leukemia gene. Developmental Cell Mar;6(3):437-43, 2004 (view details on MedLine)