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Richard J. Barth, M.D.

Professor of Surgery


A.B. - Biochemical Sciences, Princeton, 1981.
M.D. - Harvard, 1985

Norris Cotton Cancer Center

Curriculum Vitae:

NIH Biosketch:


Contact Information:

1 Medical Center Drive
Lebanon NH 03756

Email: Richard.J.Barth.Jr@Hitchcock.ORG

Professional Interests:

This lab has been interested in understanding the immune response to tumors in vivo by characterizing the cytokines expressed by lymphocytes infiltrating tumors and the tumors themselves. We have recently demonstrated that CD40/CD154 interactions are crucial in the generation of anti-tumor immunity by tumor vaccines in mice. We are now actively investigating the mechanisms underlying this phenomenon, and are trying to exploit this in the generation of more effective vaccines.

Selected Publications:


Krishnaswamy V, Elliott JT, McClatchy DM 3rd, Barth RJ Jr, Wells WA, Pogue BW, Paulsen KD
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Erkmen CP, Barth RJ Jr, Raman V
Case report: Successful treatment of recurrent chordoma and bilateral pulmonary metastases following an 11-year disease-free period.
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PMID: 24907541

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PMID: 24821835

Pallone MJ, Poplack SP, Avutu HB, Paulsen KD, Barth RJ Jr
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